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Create a Lemlist campaign with a hyper-personalized chatbot

By: Baptiste Arnaud
Posted: January 07, 2021

Lemlist landing pages 👍

Lemlist allows you to send a sequence of personalized emails to a bunch of cold prospects you'd like to talk with. Because they are personalized, it generates a greater reply rate.

But sometimes, getting to the point in a single email is hard and it won't be enough to convince your prospect to reply yet. That's why Lemlist also allows you to redirect the prospect to a personalized landing page

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This is awesome but I'm here to present you an alternative that would allow to create a real interaction with your prospect ⇒ A conversational landing page.

Conversational landing pages 🤯

Imagine an hyper-personalized landing page where the user feels important and want to discuss further:

This kind of onboarding will allow you to make a great "ah-ha" moment and it will increase your response rate

You can build a conversational landing page using the tool I created 👉 Typebot 👈. It takes a few minutes and it's free

How can I do this ?

  1. Create an email template
  2. Create a Typebot with predefined variables. More info 👉 here 👈
  3. Insert a link on a photo or else
  4. Insert your Lemlist variables into the Typebot URL
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